Test Results

IOWA Test of Basic Skills

Each fall, all students in Grades 1-7 at Divine Child Elementary School take the Iowa Assessments Test.  The tests are used by the faculty to evaluate the effectiveness of the curriculum and the learning styles of individual students. The administration also uses these results to gauge the overall achievement of our students in relation to those across the country.  By the time our students reach the 7th grade, our median score is at the 75th percentile, or one grade level above average.

Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAt)

The Cognitive Abilities Test  is used to assess students’ abilities in reasoning and problem solving using verbal, quantitative and non-verbal (spatial) symbols.

High School Placement Test

8th Graders at Divine Child Elementary School also take the High School Placement Test (used for admittance and class placement to Catholic high schools, including Divine Child High School).