Accreditation/Grading Scale

Divine Child Elementary School offers a comprehensive curriculum accredited by the Michigan Association of Non-Public Schools, and focuses on the development of the whole child. Our academic core curriculum is aligned to the Michigan Standards and is augmented with art, music, physical education, computer literacy and foreign language. Divine Child Elementary School is a member of the National Catholic Educational Association.

At Divine Child Elementary School, we are blessed with an extraordinarily talented and enthusiastic group of educators, of whom 40% hold a Masters, Specialist, or Doctoral degree.

Grading Scale
At Divine Child Elementary School, student achievement is measured regularly by teacher observation of daily work and teacher-made and standardized testing. Progress reports are sent home midway through each quarter; report cards are issued at the end of each quarter.

Standards based grading appears on the report card for students in grades K-5 in English Language Arts and Math courses.

Students in Grades 3-8 Academic Grades
93 -100% = A
83 – 92%  = B
72 – 82%  = C
60 – 71%  = D
59 – 1%    = F
I = Incomplete

Students in Grades K-8 Effort/Conduct Grade Scale
A = Excellent
B = Very Good
C = Average
D = Needs Improvement
F = Failing

Students in Grades K-5 Standards Based Grading
4 = Advanced Understanding
3 = Consistent Understanding
2 = Partial Understanding
1 = Minimal Understanding
Blank = Not Covered

Students in Grades K-2 Academic Grading
P = Proficient
D = Developing
N = Needs Support

Any student in grades 5-8 who achieves a report card of all A’s, and B’s, including effort/conduct and weekly classes merits Honor Roll status for that particular grading period.

Parent-teacher conferences are encouraged and can be scheduled with the teacher before or after school hours.

Students must have a 2.0 grade point average and satisfactory conduct in order to be eligible at the time of sign-ups in order to participate in the CYO sports program and/or all extracurricular activities. Special class grades are tabulated in the grade point average.